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Part Number Description Drive current (max.) [A] Peak current [A] Over temperature protection Standby current (μA) Operating temperature range (℃) Compatible models Status Logic and control supply voltage Vcc (V) Power supply voltage Vdd (V) Pin/Package
AT6210 Forward, reverse, idle, brake, PWM speed regulation 0.2 0.5 No 6 ﹣40~﹢85 BA6210 Mass production 4.5~15 4.5~15 SOP8


       This motor driver IC adopts PrestoMOSTM as the output transistor, and put in a small full molding package with the 180° sinusoidal commutation controller chip and the high voltage gate driver chip. The protection circuits for overcurrent, overheating, under voltage lock out and the high voltage bootstrap diode with current regulation are built-in. It provides optimum motor drive system and downsizing the built-in PCB of the motor.


  • 600V PrestoMOSTM built-in

  • Output current 1.5A

  • Bootstrap operation by floating high side driver(including diode)

  • 180° sinusoidal commutation logic

  • PWM control (Upper and lower arm switching)

  • Phase control supported from 0° to +40° at 1°intervals

  • Rotational direction switch

  • FG signal output with pulse number switch (4 or 12)

  • VREG output (5V/30mA)

  • Protection circuits provided: CL, OCP, TSD, UVLO,MLP and the external fault input.Fault output (open drain)

  • Package:SSOP


  • Air conditioners

  • air purifiers

  • water pumps

  • dishwashers

  • washing machines

  • Key Specifications

  • Output MOSFET Voltage:600V

  • Driver Output Current (DC):±1.5A (Max)

  • Driver Output Current (Pulse):±2.5A (Max)

  • Output MOSFET DC On Resistance:2.7Ω (Typ)

  • Duty Control Voltage Range:2.1V to 5.4V

  • Phase Control Range:0°to +40°

  • Operating Case Temperature:-20℃to +100℃

  • Junction Temperature:+150℃

  • Power Dissipation:3.00W

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