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Quality management

The core of the core product technology, product quality, reliability and service (QRS) program execution is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through the production of technically advanced products with the highest quality and on-time product delivery and service. The management personnel and every employee of Coreview Technology actively and fully achieved this goal. The quality concept is deeply rooted and highly valued in the core technology, thanks to the significant sales and manufacturing benefits it brings. Customers need high-quality products, and high-quality products can bring higher profits to enterprises.


The high-quality products, on-time product delivery, and excellent service can be carried out in an orderly manner. This is due to the commitment and contributions made by the core technology employees. Do it right. "


The requirements and expectations of customers for product quality and service are becoming increasingly strict. Corestar Technology not only strives to meet the various requirements and expectations of customers to allow the company to operate in an orderly manner, but also strives to exceed customer requirements and expectations, thereby maintaining and improving customer expectations King Technology's loyalty and trust.


Coreview's standards are error-free products and error-free performance. This standard motivates every Coreking employee to adhere to the implementation of the QRS policy, which takes precedence over all other considerations and does not allow any errors or invalidation. Our goal is zero defects.

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