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Part Number Description status Encryption Algorithm Operating Voltage Interface Pin/Package
AT2601 64-bit user ID integrated POR watchdog timer Mass production SHA-256 2.97~3.63 I2C SOP8 SOT23-6L


      AT2601 integrates 176Byte EEPROM, 128Byte register page, 8Byte key, 8Byte user ID / Serial Number, and 16Byte control information in a single chip. AT2601 is an encryption authentication algorithm based on SHA-256. It also provides configurable watchdog timer and external reset function. It can communicate with MCU through I2C serial interface. The chip supports low power consumption mode.


  • High-performance anti-copy encryption chip

  • Provide watchdog timer and external reset function

  • SHA-256 encrypted authentication

  • Provides for writing user-defined EEPROM cells

  • Follows standard I2C bus protocol

  • Lockable 64-bit user ID number

  • 2.97V ~ 3.63V working voltage

  • Keys and each data store can be individually write protected

  • Independent watchdog timer, user-definable overflow period

  • POR (Power On Reset) power-on reset delay time is programmed by the manufacturer

  • Supports low power modes

  • Application

  • Car navigation, car DVD, car positioning, car monitoring, driving recorder

  • Mobile phone, communication module, router, walkie-talkie

  • Monitoring equipment, IP Cmarera, NVR / DVR

Structure diagram


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