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Part Number Description status Encryption Algorithm Operating Voltage Interface Pin/Package
AT2632 64-bit user ID integrated POR watchdog timer Mass production SHA-256 2.97~3.63 I2C SOP8 SOT23-6L


    AT2632 is a SHA-1 coprocessor with I2C interface EEPROM, which can authenticate the identity of the device and the host, and realize the secure storage of service data. AT2632 communicates with microcontrollers through the widely used I2C standard interface.


  • Dedicated hardware-accelerated SHA-1 engine for calculating and comparing MACs;

  • 128 bytes of user EEPROM, including 2 protection register bytes, 8 user ID bytes, 8 key bytes, and 110 bytes of device characteristic data;

  • The I2C host interface supports 100kHz and 400kHz communication rates.

  • I2C device slave address is 10 (AD2) 0 (AD1) 0 (AD0) 0;

  • SOP8 package

Application area

  • Intellectual property security testing

  • Safety management

  • System certification

  • Token authentication for electronic payment systems

  • Service data confirmation

  • Inspection of consumable products

  • Copy protection

  • Access control system certification

  • Typical application circuit


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