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Part Number Description Max Data Rate 3.3V (Mbps) Max Data Rate 2.5V (Mbps) Max Data Rate 1.8V (Mbps) Tx FIFO (Bytes) Rx FIFO (Bytes) Auto Flow Control Supply Voltage Range VCC (V) Selectable/ Programable Trigger Levels Max UART/GPIO Input Voltage (V) Max UART/GPIO Output Voltage (V) Cross Reference Data Bus Interface # of Channels Max Data Rate 5V (Mbps) Pin/Package
AT16C554 Quad UART with 16-Byte FIFOs 0.5 na na 16 16 - 2.97 to 5.5 S VCC VCC ST16C554 Intel, Motorola 4 1.5 LQFP-64


      The AT16C554/554D (554) is a quad Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (UART) with 16 bytes of transmit and receive FIFOs, selectable receive FIFO trigger levels and data rates of up to 1.5 Mbps. Each UART has a set of registers that provide the user with operating status and control, receiver error indications, and modem serial interface controls. An internal loopback capability allows onboard diagnostics. The 554 is available in a 64-pin LQFP and a 68-pin PLCC package. The 64-pin package only offers the 16 mode interface, but the 68-pin package offers an additional 68 mode interface which allows easy integration with Motorola processors. The AT16C554CQ64 (64-pin) offers three state interrupt output while the AT16C554DCQ64 provides continuous interrupt output. The 554 combines the package interface modes of the 16C554 and 68C554 on a single integrated chip.


Intel or Motorola Data Bus Interface select

Four independent UART channels

Register Set Compatible to 16C550

Data rates of up to 1.5 Mbps at 5 V

Data rates of up to 500 Kbps at 3.3V

16 byte Transmit FIFO

16 byte Receive FIFO with error tags

4 Selectable RX FIFO Trigger Levels

Full modem interface

2.97V to 5.5V supply operation

Crystal oscillator or external clock input


Portable Appliances

Telecommunication Network Routers

Ethernet Network Routers

Cellular Data Devices

Factory Automation and Process Controls



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