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Part Number Description RoHS Available Cross Reference Vsupply (V) Tx Rx Data Rate (min) (kbps) Icc (typ) (mA) Internal Charge Pump Ext. Caps Cap. Value (nom) (µF) ESD Protect. (±kV) Rx Active in Shutdn Pin/Package
AT3243E 3-Driver/5-Receiver, ±15kV, ESD-Protected, 3.0V to 5.5V, Low-Power, 250kbps, True RS-232 Transceiver Yes MAX3243E 3.3 ,5 3 5 250 0.3 Yes 4 0.1 15 1 SOP28 SSOP28 TSSOP28


      The AT3243 chip is an RS-232 receiving and transmitting device that complies with EIA / TIA-232 specifications and has a power supply voltage of 3V to 5.5V. Even if the power supply voltage is as low as 3V, it can also meet the V.28 / V.24 specification. It can be applied to various RS232 systems with low voltage and low power consumption requirements. It also ensures a transmission rate of more than 250kpbs under the worst load conditions. It is compatible with separate 3.3V systems, 3.3V and 5V mixed systems, and 5V systems Application.

      AT3232 provides the sending of three RS-232 signals and the receiving of five signals. At the same time, it provides a same received signal output to realize the wake-up function of the system. The device also has an automatic standby function. When the peripheral device is turned off or RS-232 is offline, the chip automatically turns off the on-chip power supply and driving circuit. When a valid RS-232 signal voltage appears at the receiving end, it automatically resumes normal operation.

Main features

  • 15KV ESD protection capability of RS-232 interface

  • Fully compatible with MAX3232, ICL3232, etc.

  • Low voltage, low operating current

  • Efficient charge pump circuit requires only four 0.1uF capacitors

  • Manual and automatic standby functions

  • Noise suppression circuit at the receiving signal

  • Minimum data rate: 250kbps

  • Minimum signal conversion rate: 6V / uS

Typical application circuit


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