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Part Number Description Operating Temperature (℃) Switch type Ratio-input: output Internal switch Current-Output (Max) Current-power Voltage-power Status Cross Reference Pin/Package
AT6241 IC Or Ctrlr Src Select Tsot23-5 -40°C ~ 85°C P-MOSFET 2:01:00 Yes 2.6A 40µA 2.6 V ~ 5.5 V Sample LTC4411 SOT23-5


       The AT6241 is an ideal diode IC, capable of supplying up to 2.6A from an input voltage between 2.6V and 5.5V. The AT6241 is housed in a 5-lead 1mm profile SOT-23 package.

       The AT6241 contains a 140mΩ P-channel MOSFET con- necting IN to OUT. During normal forward operation, the drop across the MOSFET is regulated to as low as 28mV. Quiescent current is less than 40μA for load currents up to 100mA.If the output voltage exceeds the input voltage, the MOSFET is turned off and less than 1μA of reverse current flows from OUT to IN. Maximum forward current is limited to a constant 2.6A (typical) and internal thermal limiting circuits protect the part during fault conditions.

       An open-drain STAT pin indicates conduction status.The STAT pin can be used to drive an auxiliary P-channel MOSFET power switch connecting an alternate power source when the AT6241 is not conducting forward current. An active-high control pin turns off the AT6241 and reduces current consumption to less than 25μA. When shut off, the AT6241 indicates this condition with a low voltage on the status signal.


Low Loss Replacement for PowerPath  OR’ing Diodes

Small Regulated Forward Voltage (28 mV)

2.6A Maximum Forward Current

Low Forward ON Resistance (140 mΩ Max)

Low Reverse Leakage Current (<1μA)

2.6V to 5.5V Operating Range

Internal Current Limit Protection

Internal Thermal Protection

No External Active Components

Pin-Compatible Monolithic Replacement for the LTC4411 and LTC4412

Low Quiescent Current (40 μA)

Low-Profile (1mm) 5-lead SOT-23 Package


Cellular Phones

Handheld Computers

Digital Cameras

USB Peripherals

Uninterrupted Supplies

Logic Controlled Power Switch

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