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Part Number Description LNA Bias Stages Mixer Bias Stages VOUT (V) Maximum Total Load (mA) VPOL (V) FTONE (kHz) LNA VDRAIN (V) LNA IDRAIN (mA) Mixer IDRAIN (mA) VG OFF (V) VNEG (V) Status Pin/Package
AT4201 3 1 5 80 15.5 22 2 15 10 0 -2.5 Active


       AT4201 is a single-chip solution that provides power management and control for LNB. It provides the bias, control and detection of FETs and mixers necessary for LNB, as well as the functions of stable power and other power for IF amplifiers. The AT4201 is a 16-pin miniature package that requires only three external components to provide a compact solution. As the most critical part of LNB, in control monitoring, power management, etc., AT4201 can exert stable performance to eliminate the effects of misoperation and overload.


LNB Bias, Control and Power Management Single-Chip Integration

Integrated LNB regulated power supply

Zero-Gate Voltage FET Switch

Provides voltage detection for polarity switching

Programmable mixer and FET bias

Single pin provides power and control

No external filtering required

FET bias with temperature compensation protection

Application range

Single-band LNB

C-Band LNB

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