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Part Number Description Standby current [typ] (μA) Operating voltage (VDC) Assignable addresses Part type I2C/SMBus clock (kHz) Pin/Package
AT0001 AT0001 is a low power pyroelectric infrared sensing signal processor 18 2.8~5.5 8 Temperature 400 SOP8


         AT0001 is a low-power pyroelectric infrared sensor signal processor. It is equipped with a pyroelectric infrared sensor and a small number of external components to form a passive pyroelectric infrared switch.

AT0001 has a built-in high-gain, high-input-impedance operational amplifier and a fixed-gain amplifier, which can be matched with a variety of sensors for signal preprocessing; AT0001 also has a built-in high-precision reference voltage and LDO, which can provide heat The electric power of the discharge infrared sensor can effectively suppress the interference of power supply and environmental noise, improve the reliability of the system, and reduce the false alarm rate.

AT0001 can perform various settings by adjusting peripheral circuits: adjusting the sensitivity of the induction, setting the output delay time, setting the light control function, etc.

AT0001 is available in SOP8 package.


Operating voltage range: 2.8V to 5.5V

Low standby current: 18uA

LDO output voltage: 2.6V

LDO maximum output current: 5mA

Built-in trigger blocking time of 2 seconds can effectively suppress

Control load switching interference and repeated malfunction

Adjustable output delay time

Optional light control function, can not work during the day

Strong noise suppression and high reliability

Application area

All kinds of automatic lighting, buzzer, automatic door, drying

Automatic switch system such as machine and automatic sink

Automatic alarm system

Typical application circuit diagram

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