Part Number Description ICC(mA)(mA) Tx/Rx Duplex VSUPPLY(V) Data Rate (kbps) ESD Protect.(±KV) Tx EN Rx EN ICC (Shutdn)(μA) Cross Reference Pin/Package
AT26LV32 ±15 kV ESD protected ,Low voltage high spees four channel differential line driver 8 4Rx Half 3.3 32000 15 No Yes - AM26LV32


   The AT26LV32E device consists of quadruple differential line receivers with 3-state outputs. This device is designed to meet TIA/EIA-422-B and ITU recommendation V.11 drivers with reduced supply voltage.

    The device is optimized for balanced bus transmission at switching rates up to 32 MHz. The 3-state outputs permit connection directly to a bus-organized system. The AT26LV32E has an internal fail-safe circuitry that prevents the device from putting an unknown voltage signal at the receiver outputs. In the open fail-safe, shorted fail-safe, and terminated fail-safe, a high state is produced at the respective output.

    This device is supported for partial-power-down applications using Ioff. Ioff circuitry disables the outputs, preventing damaging current back-flow through the device when it is powered down.


    Switching Rates Up to 32 MHz

    Operates From Single 3.3-V Supply

    Ultra-Low Power Dissipation: 27 mW Typical

    Open-Circuit, Short-Circuit, and Terminated Fail-Safe

    −0.3-V to 5.5-V Common-Mode Range With ±200-mV Sensitivity

    Accepts 5-V Logic Inputs With 3.3-V VCC

    Input Hysteresis: 50 mV Typical

    235 mW With Four Receivers at 32 MHz

    Pin-to-Pin Compatible With AT26C32 and AT26LV32

     Ioff Supports Partial-Power-Down Mode Operation


    Factory Automation

    ATM and Cash Counters

    Smart Grid

    AC and Servo Motor Drives

Logic Diagram (Positive Logic)


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