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    The AT202E, AT232E and AT233E devices are a family of line driver and receiver pairs that meets the specifications of RS-232 and V.28 serial protocols. The devices are pin-to-pin compatible with Analogtek’s AT232A and AT233A devices as well as popular industry standard pinouts. The ESD tolerance has been improved on these devices to over ±15kV for Human Body Model. This series offers a 120kbps data rate under load, small ceramic type 0.1µF charge pump capacitors and overall ruggedness for commercial applications. Features include Analogtek’s BiCMOS design which allows low power operation without sacrificing performance. The series is available in lead free packages and includes commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

Operates from a single +5V power supply
Meets all RS-232D and ITU V.28 specifications
Operates with 0.1µF to 10µF ceramic capacitors
No external capacitors required (AT233E)
High data rate - 120kbps under load
Low power CMOS operation
Lead-free packaging

Improved ESD specifications: ±15kV Human Body Model 

Electrical Characteristics

VCC = 5V ± 10%, 0.1µF charge pump capacitors, TMIN to TMAX, unless otherwise noted. Typical values are VCC = 5V and TA = 25°C

ESD Test Circuit