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    The AT5028 series are miniature crystal oscillator module ICs. The oscillator circuit stage has voltage regulator drive,significantly reducing current consumption and crystal current, compared with existing devices,and significantly reducing the oscillator characteristics supply voltage dependency.


  • Wide range of operating supply voltage: 1.5V to 5.0V

  • Oscillation Frequency:  0.9MHz~ 120MHz(Fundamental)

  • Regulated voltage drive oscillator circuit for reduced power consumption and crystal drive current

  • Optimized low crystal drive current oscillation for miniature crystal units

  • Multi-stage frequency divider for low-frequency output support: 0.9MHz(min)

  • Frequency divider built-in:

  • Selectable by version: f0, f0/2, f0/4, f0/8, f0/16, f0/32, f0/64

  • -40 to 85℃ operating temperature range

  • Output: 3-state

  • Build-in Capacitors Cg, Cd, bulid-in Feedback Resistor

  • Standy function

  • High impedence in standby mode, oscillator stops

  • CMOS output duty level(1/2VDD)

  • 50±5% output duty

  • 15pF output drive capability

  • SOT23-5 package, EU RoHS Compliant, Pb Free


  • Crystal oscillator modules

  • Micro computers,DSP clocks

  • Communication equipment

  • Various system clocks

  • Celluar and portable phones

 Function Block